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 Catalogue peptides A >> Angiotensins and Related Peptides
Product Catalogue # Size Price Order
[Asn1,Val5]-Angiotensin II
 A89329-0005  5mg  £72.60  
 A89329-0010  10mg  £121.00  
 A89329-0025  25mg  £242.00  
[Ile7] Angiotensin III
 A55251-0005  5mg  £62.70  
 A55251-0010  10mg  £104.50  
 A55251-0025  25mg  £209.00  
[Sar1,Ala8]-Angiotensin II
 A55316-0025  25mg  £66.00  
 A55316-0050  50mg  £110.00  
 A55316-0100  100mg  £198.00  
[Sar1,Gly8]-Angiotensin II
 A100368-0025  25mg  £66.00  
 A100368-0050  50mg  £110.00  
 A100368-0100  100mg  £198.00  
[Sar1,Ile4,8]-Angiotensin II
 A57493-0025  25mg  £66.00  
 A57493-0050  50mg  £110.00  
 A57493-0100  100mg  £198.00  
[Sar1,Thr8]-Angiotensin II
 A100369-0025  25mg  £66.00  
 A100369-0050  50mg  £110.00  
 A100369-0100  100mg  £198.00  
[Sar1,Val5,Ala8]-Angiotensin II
 A100370-0025  25mg  £66.00  
 A100370-0050  50mg  £110.00  
 A100370-0100  100mg  £198.00  
[Sar1] Angiotensin II
 A55316-0025  25mg  £66.00  
 A55316-0050  50mg  £110.00  
 A55316-0100  100mg  £198.00  
[Sar1]-Angiotensin I/II (1-7) amide
 A100371-0025  25mg  £66.00  
 A100371-0050  50mg  £110.00  
 A100371-0100  50mg  £198.00  
[Val4]-Angiotensin III
 A100372-0005  5mg  £62.70  
 A100372-0010  10mg  £104.50  
 A100372-0025  25mg  £209.00  
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