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About Designer BioScience
Designer BioScience Ltd is an emerging bioscience company in the life science and discovery chemistry field. Since the start up Designer BioScience has been dedicated to provide high performance biochemical products and custom services for the life-science and drug discovery sector. We work alongside scientists from universities, institutes, government research councils, biotech and drug discovery companies worldwide. We are on a mission to advance our customers’ research efficiency, enhance their core competitiveness and ultimately improve their research productivity.
Designer BioScience Offers
■ Custom Peptide Synthesis
Custom peptide synthesis is our core business. DBS offers a wide range of peptide service providing every type of peptide request possible. At Designer BioScience custom peptides are synthesized in modern, automated synthesizers using advanced solid phase techniques. We operate a stringent quality control system to verify every product we supply meet or exceed industry standards.
■ Peptide Libraries
We design and provide peptide libraries for various screening applications in proteomics, immunology, drug discovery and structure-activity studies. DBS has developed a rapid high-throughput parallel synthesis platform that is capable of the simultaneous synthesis of large quantities of high purity peptides at low cost, resulting in a great value to our customers.
■ Peptide Reagents
We make and source high quality amino acid derivatives and peptide synthesis reagents. This means we are able to offer a comprehensive and one-stop portfolio of high quality reagents for peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis, including protected amino acids, coupling reagents, labeling reagents, PEGylation reagents, special building blocks featuring unusual amino acids, modified amino acids, and many more.
■ Fluorescent Dyes
Fluorescent dyes are used routinely in life science to trace the presence of biomolecules in cells and other biological systems. We have been developing some new fluorescent labels our own as well as sourcing other excellent products to meet the need of labeling the broadest range of target molecules. We offer a wide variety of fluorescent labeling services, including expert technical advice on the selection of correct fluorescent labels.
■ Oligo Synthesis
We provide commercial custom oligo synthesis services including DNA, RNA and PNA (peptide nucleic acid) synthesis to meet research needs in biology, diagnostics, and drug discovery. We offer choices of synthesis scales and purity grades and a wide selection of modifications and labeling.
■ Chemistry Services
With combined experience and expertise in a wide range of organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry, DBS offers professional custom synthesis of complex organic chemicals for life science and pharmaceutical research. We are specialized in the synthesis of pharmaceutical reference compounds, derivatives of lead compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Designer BioScience Commits
Designer BioScience is committed to total customer satisfaction. We seek to build strategic relationships such that clients consider our resources an extension of their operation. Designer BioScience not only aims to supply reliable, high quality and cost-effective products and services, but also aspires to offer a complete solution from beginning to end. We provide expert scientific support from peptide design, synthetic protocols to product application. Our online instant quotation and ordering facility enables researchers design their own peptide sequence, obtain quotation instantaneously and place order online. Once a project is underway, customers can track the order status online, or have a progress report biweekly from us. By adhering to good practice and listening carefully to the concerns and needs from customers, Designer BioScience fulfils its mission to drive life science research and new discoveries forward.
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