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Custom Peptide Synthesis
Custom peptide synthesis is our core business. Designer BioScience is dedicated to provide high quality peptides at the most competitive prices, with a fast turnaround time, to global customers in universities, research institutes, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our well trained chemists and state-of-the-art facility allow us to offer a spectrum of custom synthesis services and we produce even difficult peptides with a high success rate. Our secure online quotation/ordering system provides registered customers with instant quotations for their specific peptides and easy access to order management and project status tracking.
Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Designer BioScience is committed to the highest quality. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities. Before we release any product, we verify carefully that the identity and quality meet the required specifications. At Designer BioScience all peptides undergo rigorous characterization analysis and are delivered to our customers with mass spectrometer and HPLC analysis data. A Certificate of Analysis is included for each peptide with complete detailed information on the product, storage, specification and typical analysis data.
Price of Custom Peptides
Designer BioScience offers the most competitive prices in the industry. Please use our online quotation/ordering system to get a quotation within seconds.
Scope of Services

Standard peptide synthesis
- Simple to complex: sequences from 2 to 120 Amino Acids
- Small to large scale: from milligram to kilogram
- Different purity levels: crude, desalted, >75%, >80%, >85%, >90%, >95% and >98%

Peptide modifications
- Special amino acids (D-amino acids, unnatural amino acids, N-methylated amino acids, etc.)
- N-terminus and C-terminus modifications.
- Phosphorylation
- Biotinylation
- PEGylation
- Cyclic peptides: single and multiple disulfide bridges, amide cyclic (head to tail, side chain)
- Fluorescence/dye labelling (FITC, 5/6-FAM, MCA, AMC, p-Nitroanilide, Dansyl, TAMRA, etc.)
- Quenched fluorescent peptides (Abz/Tyr(3-NO2), Abz/DNP, MCA/DNP, MCA/DABCYL, EDANS/DABCYL, etc.)
- Isotopic labelling
- Peptidomimetics
- Peptide-protein conjugation (KLH, BSA)
- Multiple Antigenic Peptide Systems

Peptide arrays
- Rapid high-throughput parallel peptide synthesis platform providing custom libraries of peptides.

Express service
- Express custom peptide synthesis service within 10 working days delivery may be available. Please contact us for more details if you require this service.

Process development and contract manufacturing
- Designer BioScience can offer large scale peptide synthesis and contract manufacturing services. Please contact us for more details.

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