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Peptide Reagents & Building Blocks
Special amino acid derivatives, organic building blocks and peptide related reagents are useful tools for your peptide design and drug discovery. Designer BioScience offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality catalogue products for peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis. Over thousands of catalogue products are in stock, including peptide coupling reagents / fluorescent labelling reagents / protecting reagents, unusual amino acids and organic building blocks featuring D-amino acids, beta-amino acids, N-methyl amino acids, Boc- and Fmoc-amino acids, polyethylene glycol spacers, and many more.
Designer BioScience can offer its expertise, quality and efficient custom synthesis services to take your project from research scale to bulk cGMP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), thus achieving effective technology transfer.
Please go to our Online Catalogue to find the products you need.
 Product List
Coupling Reagents
Labelling Reagents
Linkers for Solid Phase Synthesis
N-Protecting Reagents
Special Amino Acids and Derivatives
Unusual Amino Acids
Boc-Amino Acids
Fmoc-Amino Acids
D-Amino Acids
Amino Alcohols
N-Methyl amino acids
Resins and related products
Fmoc-amino acids attached to Wang Resin
Amino acids attached to 2-Chlorotrityl-Chloride-Resin
Building blocks for drug discovery
Pyrrolidine Derivatives
Piperidine Derivatives
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